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House says yes to concealed carry in emergency

Dems accusing R’s of racism…the pot talking to the kettle?

Another EDC win results in felony arrests

EDC involvement detailed

County Commission/School Board suits done

Taking back tax breaks

Commission D-4 race gets bigger

Great piece ahead of this weekend’s Tea Party gathering

Part 2- are we in a post-constitutional age?

Matt Reed: study lagoon for solutions

Are you tired of being called a racist just because you want answers from our government?  Lots of us are.  The Florida House has cleared the concealed carry in emergency measure.  The Senate has to get it through committee.  We had big arrests announced on Friday and they are yet another example of the EDC embarrassing itself and us.  The County Commission and school board have buried the hatchet…for now.  The D-4 County Commission race grew last week.  Let’s hope they qualify.  As we head into the Tea Party gathering this weekend, we have a couple of interesting stories about today’s realities.  Welcome to a Monday on BML!