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THOR gets a sex change

MO was on right track…then the governor got involved

Then, in a moment of clarity, he signs bill to study common core

OK supremes uphold repeal of Common Core

Florida Today’s thumbs up/down (another reason to say no to soccer)

Legislature won’t appeal redistricting decision, but what now?

What American icons are next?  Marvel is making Thor, the god of thunder, a girl!  Is nothing sacred?  Missouri was on the right track and legislation had passed to allow teachers to carry guns in school.  Then, the governor got involved and vetoed the measure.  Elections have consequences!  In an apparent rare moment of clarity, that same governor decided that the idea of repealing Common Core was a good one…maybe.  Oklahoma’s (can we still use the name?) Supreme Court thinks so!  Our legislature will not appeal the redistricting decision, but what’s next?  And is the courtroom entertainment?  No, not Judge Judy, but an actual courtroom.  One former judge thinks so.  Today we begin judicial candidates on BML.  Our 8am hour will feature candidates in the Circuit Judge Group 13 race.  You can also catch our video only interview after the show on the Brevard Political page.


The courtroom as entertainment…other than the occasional fisticuffs