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Maybe Meet the Press producers need a shrink

Tea Party group to protest CA school today

Boehner in a race with prof from my college

Prostitution sting hits social media thanks to my SWAT school PD

Commission may ask that All Aboard Florida pay all costs

Florida budget highlights

School closure information sought

Cocoa Beach mayor channels Bolin-Lewis as he ejects speakers

Todd Starnes: God Less America out today

Matt Reed: Relying on Russia for space

A talk with a judicial candidate has me reconsidering how we handle those races on BML.  This was a candidate whose experience outside the legal field makes me want to vote for him.  The Bad Lawyer Protection Act (the provisions of the Florida Bar that keep judicial candidates from answering pertinent questions) needs to go.  Judicial candidate interviews are largely a waste of time because of the claim that they are non-partisan is a false image that the bar wants to maintain.  We need lawyers of integrity to stand up against this fallacy.

A huge Facebook LIKE to Ritch Workman who posted over the weekend about the Florida budget and the tax cuts included therein.  When I pointed out that nearly 4/5 of those cuts were to hikes the Legislature itself imposed in 2009, Ritch agreed and offered an explanation.  Kudos to him for being strong enough to answer and understand the frustration.

My former college and my SWAT school are featured in stories in play for today’s show.  John Boehner’s primary opponent was a teacher at Cedarville University and the Prince George’s County, MD, PD is breaking new ground on prostitution stings.  Meet the Press may need that shrink given yesterday’s panel.  Is ALL ABOARD FLORIDA’s high speed rail plan a done deal?  Could Brevard Schools be forced to divulge a list of potential school closures?  Is Cocoa Beach Mayor Dave Netterstrom channeling County Commissioner Mary Bolin-Lewis?

We’ll talk with Todd Starnes at 7:25 and County Commission D-2 candidate Michael Hartman is with us at 8am.  Let’s get the week started.