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It was an interesting weekend as my mom, sister and her family were in town.  It began with dinner with friends Friday, went through improv night with the Surfside Players and a Jet Ski trip on the St. John’s yesterday.  That does not mean it was a slow news weekend.  In fact, it was quite the opposite.  It’s not Austin Powers, but it’s close: work is not all robots will be doing in 2025.  A racing death caused NASCAR to create a rule that should not be necessary.  The Scott/Crist race may have created the best campaign ever.  The D-2 County Commission race has the kids out playing in the adult pool and it appears to have ties to Brevard campaign history.  It’s anonymous, it’s ugly and it ignores the facts.  The “establishment” is scared!  Rick Perry was indicted in Texas for doing his job.  Can someone tell me how looting the store the Ferguson, MO kid was accused of robbing somehow makes for justice?  Todd Starnes will join us at 7:25.  Early voting started Saturday and continues through Saturday.  We’ll have Supervisor of Elections Lori Scott with us at 7:45am with an update.  Local authors Lee and Vista Boyland join us at 8:25 to talk their newest novel, Revolution 2016.  The Boylands are excellent story tellers and this one hits awful close to home. 


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