Satellite Beach loses an icon

Year’s first votes on gun control held

FT/USA TODAY editorial misses the point

Feinstein: Veterans may have PTSD, assault weapons ban should apply

Lawmaker proposes ban on huge penalties for “gun” violations

School closing noise continues

Matt Reed: Race and school closings

Bob Stover: Don’t ignore race (and they didn’t)

41st Annual Greek Festival Photos



SatelliteBeach will miss Scotty Culp.  She passed on Friday after years of service to a community she loved.  It loved her back and SatelliteBeach will not be the same.  Thanks, Miss Scotty.  We’ll miss you being with us each morning.

Congress held its first vote on gun control all while statistics and facts are ignored or missed by those writing about them.  The furor over non-guns in our schools is getting the attention of at least one lawmaker who wants to make the heavy penalties associated with these non-violations a thing of the past.  School closings and related issues remain in the news locally and the noise continues. We’ll take part of our day to evaluate Superintendent Brian Binggeli on his RCAT Test.  It is a pass/fail endeavor.  We’ll also talk with David Brooks on responding to Obamacare and your opportunity to learn more.   

Florida Supremes donate to oppose court nominee