(Photo: WMMB Host - Bill Mick)

While Bill's out on vacation in the Keys having fun on his jet-ski, we prepared two best of show's for you to enjoy. We kick off today's best of discussing an interesting TV commercial, then in the 7am hour we tackle the real agenda of the pro-medical marijuana crowd, Police checking guns at City Hall and a surprise phone call from State Rep. John Tobia. In the 8am hour we ask if you are in favor of Economic Development if it means corruption to have it?

Monday's best of - 6am hour we discuss how Zero Tolerance costs another good kid, House Bill approves school carry for some and Tipton out. 7am hour - State budget looks to be done, Moxley stays order for EDC to produce and Tea Party site drops N-bomb back on candidate who allegedly Tweeted it. 8am hour - D2 Commission candidate responds to Brevard Times article.

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