KKK flag update

Priebus: GOP has no standards

County Commission becomes out of control HOA

Is also your lawn care specialist

The worst kind of cop

The County Commission has become the worst kind of Homeowners’ Association.  Apparently the commission, led by Merritt Island’s Chuck Nelson, doesn’t like working people.  May the water flood their homes as the plumber has to go to the office to get his work truck!  If you want city style government and restrictions, move to a city!  They also know what’s best for your lawn.  We have an example of the worst kind of cop in Titusville and it’s a shame.  The cop who has no honor or integrity, violates the law he is sworn to uphold and turns his back on his community dishonors his badge and deserves big jail time.  Those stories and a Republican Party that apparently stands for anything are in play for today’s BML.


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