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CA mayor says bullying victims should “grow a pair”

Graduation speaker rips protesting grads

Florida Education Association endorses Prime Time Charlie

Brevard Federation of Teachers “appreciation day” turns to political activism

Appeals court wants to see lawmaker documents

9/11 memorial gift shop draws ire

Matt Reed: Mosquito Helicopters

After Friday’s show the kids were still out of the baby pool trying to swim…and they need lessons.  We’ll see how the campaign season goes.  An already elected official in CA got into some hot water for telling bullying victims to “grow a pair.”  GOOD FOR HIM!  Someone needed to say it.  A replacement graduation speaker, in for one who pulled out after student protests, laid it on the graduating class.  The Florida Education Association has jumped on the Prime Time Charlie bandwagon…something they would have never done if he were still a Republican.  The BFT held a teacher appreciation day that was actually a political positioning statement.  A Florida appeals court wants to see lawmaker documents before ruling if they must be made public at trial.  The 9/11 Memorial is open in New York…the gift shop is drawing criticism.  Should it?  Those stories and Todd Starnes ahead on today’s BML.


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