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(Yahoo!) - The story of Miguel's leap across the crowd in May at the Billboard Music Awards is far from over. At least one woman, Khyati Shah, says she was badly injured when the "Adorn" singer crashed into the crowd during his performance.

Not much was known about Ms. Shah before now, but we now know that she's a full-timeforeign exchange student here from New Zealand, studying for a double degree in politics and philosophy at UCLA.

Yahoo! Music caught up with her attorney, Vip Bhola, to learn more about the status of her health situation.

Yahoo! reached out to representatives for both Miguel and the Billboard Music Awards, neither of which have issued comments regarding Mr. Bhola's claims at this time.

What's the status of your client, Khyati Shah's, health?

In terms of how Khyati's doing…she's a 4.0 student, so she has been doing well in school. She's got final exams this week and she's experiencing some memory loss, among other types of issues, and she's not going to be able to sit for her exams this week. So, we're concerned about that because it will obviously have an impact on her education right now and potentially her future.

She was supposed to return home to New Zealand at the end of the month — at the end of the semester — and she's not going to be able to. She's likely going to have to postpone that trip. So, that's putting tremendous pressure on her because she's got to find a place to stay once the semester's over, and she's not exactly sure how she's going to pay for that. So, it's a lot of stress and anxiety that she's not exactly prepared for.

Medical providers that she has seen already have told her that she needs to see a specialist, and that's what she's in the process of doing. She's seen general doctors so far, and she has been recommended now to see a specialized neurologist.


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